Classes of fire resistance

  • Single leaf: EI2 60, EI2 120, REI 60, REI 120
  • Double leaf: EI2 60, EI2 90, REI 60, REI 120

Indisputable quality

  • Especially sturdy door for safe functioning over time
  • Ideal for application to uneven or weak walls
  • Fully isolated frame for true dry wall installation
  • Built to order for all kinds of requests
  • Fully galvanized door, including the “hidden” parts
  • Made of hot-galvanized sheet metal, “Sendzimir” processed
  • Corrosion protection also provided along cut edges of the metal sheets
  • Painted with epoxy-polyester thermoset powders in a 180 degrees (Celsius) oven
  • Substantial paint layer (70 microns plus)
  • Optimal corrosion resistance demonstrated by 500 hour salt-fog test
  • Unaffected by severe climate changes, demonstrated by 2000 hours with +60° to -10° cycles at 75% humidity
  • Finishing with high-quality aesthetics
  • Orange skin anti-scratch structured paint
  • Customizable with wide selection of RAL colors

Practicality of use

  • Truly sturdy frame that facilitates anchoring to the wall
  • Suitable for all wall types
  • Different installation methods to choose from
  • Significantly reduced installation times
  • Type approvals for multiple installations to different wall types
  • Ample size range
  • Wide variety of accessories

Conformity to standards

  • In-house Ninz R&D with specialized testing equipment
  • Fire testing in accordance with UNI 9723 and EN 1634-1
  • Mechanical testing for the CE marking of accessories
  • CE marked door accessories studied and sized to meet standard European requirements
  • Careful selection of materials and manufacturing methods
  • Strict product testing for conformity to declared technical standards
  • Absolute functional certainty over time
  • Doors “type approved” in compliance with M.D. 21 June 2004
  • Products delivered with the documentation required by current regulations

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing in modern and functional facilities which employ the latest technologies to maintain high quality levels and product uniformity
  • The entire production process – from raw materials to painted and packaged products – takes place inside Ninz’s own facilities, ensuring a 360 degree door control

Opening direction

Opening direction needs to be indicated while ordering.