• “PRINCE 24V with our control boards T2 24Vdetects when the gate impact against an obstacle, and reverses the movement
  • PRINCE 24V combined with T2 24V is endowed with pedestrian opening command and a safety strip input with autotest as required by EN12453
  • PRINCE 24V allows slow-down of the leaf in approaching to the final position, giving the movement a greater impression of safety and fluidity
  • PRINCE 24V, with the optional buffer batteries, means that black-outs will pass totally unnoticed. It is possible to do up to 90 cycles during the black out period. PRINCE 24V can also work without batteries
  • PRINCE operator is endowed with bronze trolley, adjustable bracket and mechanical stopper for opening position
  • Patented UE 1 503 019 – US 7,000,353 B2
  • T2 Wi-Fi and T2 24V Wi-Fi contain the cardMASTER Wi-Fi which manages all accessories WITHOUT WIRES “