Irreversible operator for skylights,domes,shades,etc

  • PUSH 30 is a linear spindle actuator with rigid shaft provided with limit switch via microswitches, the ideal automation for transoms and domes. PUSH 30 is provided also with fixing brackets and has a max travel of 30 cm
  • PUSH CA 30 is a chain operator provided with limit switch via microswitches and internper magazine for the chain. Ideal for outward opening windows and transoms (by means of the provided bracket for bottomhung windows ACG7080). It is fitted with accessories and drilling templates for fitting the operator to the window
  • PUSH CR 35 is a linear actuator provided with rack and electronic limit switch suitable for domes, skylights, top-hinged windows and other very heavy windows (by connection of the idle unit ACG7081 it is possible to have two thrust points for windows with big dimensions)