• “SUPER 2200 is equipped with S1 control boards built inside, without radio receiver, with gradual start, electronic adjustment of the force, soft-stop in approaching and electronic brake
  • SUPER 3600 and 4000 are heavy-duty units made of a cast iron housing, a fan-cooled electric motor, a reducer with mechanical components in an oil bath and an high-precision limit switch system for gates up to 13 m long
  • SUPER 6000 is the most powerfull operator for sliding gate and is complete of a selfbreaking motor to reduce the inertial movement and an oleodynamic turbine which permits gradual starts
  • Thanks to the over-dimensioned mechanical SUPER allow uninterrupted operations
  • In 40 years of history, SUPER has been modified only in few parts and remains today one of the most reknown RIB products
  • S1: Pedestrian opening command, safety strip autotest as required by EN12453. Built-in heating system with ACG4665 to withstand -30°C “